Black Bracelet Byanshi – opinion and personal experience of wearing this decoration

I apologize for the poor quality translation and mistakes – that language is not native for me … So, my story … What the Bracelet Byanshi? – I laughed and looked into the eyes of my mother. I knew that you would not believe – I said she pouted. Of course, I will not believe! I stayed at a loss. My mother wears Bracelet Byanshi! Mom, which measures the pressure every day for at least two times a day, drink a handful of pills for hypertension, and even adheres to a special diet for hypertension. This is the most dear to me a woman who is stable monthly rents complete blood count, coagulation checks, cholesterol, and there is something else. I do not know a person who would be more scrupulous attitude towards their health. And the thing: it is a Chinese Bracelet Byanshi, stopped drinking, many of their medicines, and thus looks great. She says that the product really works.

Black Bracelet Byanshi – opinion and personal experience of wearing this decoration

I have to say that I do not particularly believe in such things. I know that Chinese medicine is very different from ours. But not to the same degree, to treat hypertension bracelet, even if it is made of black jade. Surviving for mom and her fragile health, I decided myself to understand. You just need to read the reviews of real people, customer opinions, find out what constitutes this bracelet. Here’s what I found out. Bracelet Byanshi – is the product of a special jade, which is produced in the Chinese province of Shandong. The result was this stone as a result of the fall of the meteorite to another 63 million years ago, and fusion with terrestrial rocks. Even according to scientists who figured out the nature of this Bracelet Byanshi, people do not know all the properties of the elements that make up the rock.

Interesting facts about the stone and useful properties Bracelet Byanshi

Wikipedia states that in China, this breed is very much appreciated. Black jade is still referred to as “stone of life” and is considered the national stone. But as I learned from the Internet, it is highly evaluated and in other countries of the world. For example, a tombstone of Tamerlane in Samarkand is also made from this material. Notable for me was the fact that during the excavations on the territory of the northern part of China needle of black jade were found. According to researchers, they were used for acupuncture more than 7 thousand. Years ago! And until now, the monks of Tibet stone used for the treatment of various diseases. In addition, some modern doctors also expressed the view that much Bracelet Byanshi accelerates the healing process of the body and the healing of wounds. Bracelet has passed full certification. Clinical trials of this product have been carried out in many European countries, in China, America, the former Soviet Union. Thanks to them, the following therapeutic activity Bracelet Byanshi has been proven:

  1. Normalization of blood and lymph circulation, decongesting.
  2. Excretion of various toxic substances, including heavy metals.
  3. Strengthening the immune system and restore immune function.
  4. Improvement of the upper and lower respiratory department.
  5. Increased motor function.
  6. Reduced muscular tension and nervous stress.
  7. Coping with stressful conditions and the elimination of chronic fatigue.
  8. The relief of pain of all kinds.
  9. Reducing the incidence of SARS and influenza.
  10. Stimulation of the metabolism and weight loss process.
  11. The elimination of cellulite.
  12. Improvement of the digestive tract, urinary tract, liver and gall bladder, heart.
  13. Normalization of blood pressure and eliminating headaches.
  14. The presence of an antimicrobial effect.
  15. Restoring skin condition, hair growth and strengthen nails.

After reading all of these effects, I realized how justified the high ratings and positive reviews about this item on the internet resources.

Check the official website guarantees the authenticity of products

After reading all this information, so I wanted to buy a Bracelet Byanshi, that I decided to go to the pharmacy, so as not to wait for delivery for several days. But he was nowhere to be found neither in the medical equipment stores or pharmacies. As explained to me then my mother, it can and must be ordered only on the official website:

This is a proven website without cheating and forgery

The fact that the Bracelet Byanshi retail simply can not be found, and on Amazon and other internet – stores you can run into a fake. Mom even seen a couple of negative reviews of people forums that are not purchased it from an authorized distributor and received in sending fake trinket. After listening to the advice of his dear parents, I quickly ordered it on the official site. Very pleased with the fact that the action was carried out, and I bought Bracelet Byanshi the price is cheaper by more than 50%. In addition, you can pay on delivery, that is, no deception. Deliver bracelet should have the next day.

I could hardly wait his. Courier brought Bracelet Byanshi afternoon in a beautiful square, and handed me a package. My joy knew no bounds when I opened the box! In the photo he is very elegant, but in real life is much better. Black jade is very smooth to the touch, pleasant and warm. He warmed up as soon as I took him in hand. In the instructions for use the product manufacturer says that the bracelet should be worn for several hours a day or you can attach to the sore spot. Although a review of those who used pointed out that it is better not to shoot for more stable effect.

My opinion about the unique Chinese jade bracelet

My opinion about the unique Chinese jade bracelet

Yes, it’s a whole find! He has a lot of advantages:

  • rarity of this semi-precious gem and historical value;
  • very nice stylish design Bracelet Byanshi, to attract attention;
  • healing meteorite composition of black jade, which improves the condition of any person, regardless of the disease, age and sex;
  • a very simple method of application – and put all;
  • there are no contraindications and side effects, that is, no “one you treat – another cripple”, both in our traditional medicine often.

At the moment, I wear Bracelet Byanshi more than a month. Gone chronic insomnia, which tormented me from childhood, sluggishness in the morning, irritability due to any trivia, and frequent headaches. I’m so glad that they are no more! During this time, in spite of the cold snap, and the next epidemic, I never even caught a cold, not to mention the flu. If you’re often infectious diseases, you suffer from any chronic illness, having the nerve overload and stress, listen to the real opinion of those who already have experience of using Bracelet Byanshi.

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