Black Mask – an opinion on the best means for a person in my rating

Before the review, I want to apologize for his bad translation, because that language is not native for me. Almost all my life I have struggled with my problem skin. By virtue of heredity and the dreaded urban environmental black spots and pimples were my constant companions. I probably have tried hundreds of different masks, scrubs and other cosmetics. I can not say that the result was not – he was, but not what I expected. Then I came across on the Internet at the Black Mask, and thought – offer. I came in a black mask pack. It turned out that it is very easy to use and quite effective. Now I will tell you more about it.

Black Mask – an opinion on the best means for a person in my rating

What is a Black Mask face

When I read the composition of the Black Mask, it was a bit surprised, because he had never seen such a combination. Here is what is in this mask:

  • Charcoal bamboo penetrates deep into the pores of the skin and eject all the dirt out;
  • Kaolin is intended to activate circulation. Not only does it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and stimulates their regeneration;
  • Bioantioksidantny complex Neovitin derived from ginseng and providing skin anti-inflammatory effect. Moreover, it slows down the aging process;
  • Extract series, which smoothes and softens the skin, and soothes irritation. In addition, it tightens pores and enriches them with nutrients;
  • Thiamine, which protects the skin from environmental factors;
  • Cyclomethicone, absorbing fat and acts as an emollient. It is safe for all skin types.

I – a supporter of all natural, so afraid that stumble on a fake, after which can cause serious health problems. But I found the official website of Black Mask:

This is a proven website

and placed an order through it (on it I read the instructions for use). Basically I order cosmetics from Amazon, but this time the black mask was not there. Also, Mask can not be bought in any drugstore or cosmetic store.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Black Mask face

Of course, before you buy Black Mask, I read many real reviews and listened to the different opinions of customers both positive and negative. But mostly all spoke about the merits of the product, among which are:

  • This drug has no contraindications – unlike most cosmetics Black Mask can be used even with allergies;
  • The 100% natural components;
  • The result is visible after the first use and the desired effect is achieved after two weeks of use Black Mask;
  • Providing beneficial effect on the skin;
  • Efficiency of application;
  • Affordable price.

The only drawback – Black Mask Plus a very long time to dry. When I read the reviews, you’ll notice that most of the girls are advised to apply a layer thicker. It is really effective, but then the black mask will dry out more than an hour. Undoubtedly long! On the other hand, if it dries quickly, it would not have had time to properly absorb into the skin, and the maximum effect was not achieved. Therefore, we can say that this deficiency is considered to merit Black Mask.

How should I use a mask for the face

The process of applying a black mask is divided into 5 stages:

  1. Cleansing. This procedure should be carried out without the use of a variety of creams and tonics, or Black Mask effect will not be as noticeable. It is necessary to remove makeup, wipe your face with a soft towel (not dry), wait 3-5 minutes and proceed to the application means.
  2. Applying masks. Apply Mask should be a thick layer of light circular movements, avoiding at the same time the area around the eyes, mouth, ears and hairline.
  3. Waiting for results. To mask acted more effectively on the skin, wait 30 minutes. So you can relax or do some business in this period.
  4. Removing the mask. To remove the mask to be slow motion, not hooking her fingernails. At this point, the skin should not burn.
  5. Washing. This is the final stage of the procedure, after which you need to wet face with a towel and then use a suitable nourishing cream.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Black Mask face

Expert opinion on the mask to the face Black Mask

Mask Manufacturers conducted extensive research, which involved more than 7,000 people over 18 years old (female to male ratio was almost the same). They used this mask for one month. Only 1% of people gave up the experiment, as they have discovered an intolerance of this drug. As a result, it has been proven that the skin has improved markedly after Black Mask use. Allen Stewart, who was involved in the development of the drug and conduct research in his speech gave a few facts:

  • 91 out of 100 people felt the effect immediately after the first use of a mask;
  • On the basis of clinical trials it has been proven 100% safety of the product components;
  • 92% of participants were satisfied with the mask and get rid of oily skin;
  • 64% of the subjects of women stopped using different tonal means;
  • 84% of people confirmed that after 2 weeks of using the mask Black Mask, they noticed its effectiveness.

When you read the opinions of real people, it is difficult to understand where truth and deception, so it is best to go to the forum, where you can see photos of “before” and “after” those who have already used a mask. By the way, Black Mask rating is very high, and its price is fully justified. It is much lower than other cosmetic products that you can buy in a drugstore or department store. In general, I was pleased with the result of the use of a Black Mask face and recommend it to anyone who has a problem skin. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by its performance.

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